DrillSim3 in beta

DrillSim Lives!

DrillSim was originally published by Ambersoft, in Basingstoke UK in 1988 and sold internationally. It was well advertised regularly in World Oil, well received and was favourably reviewed in a book at the time,

DrillSim provided a full drilling and well control simulator for the PC range. Ground-breaking at the time, the DrillSim processing and simulation engine was accurate both mathematically and in the engineering calculations that were used to provide a realistic simulation of the drilling and well control experience.

Originally written in Borland Pascal, it needed an update and a GUI interface. My preferred target would be Java – but given the prospect of converting 10,000 lines of Pascal code to Java, I took the slightly easier option of converting to Object Pascal on Linux using Lazarus and Free Pascal.

Future plans include improving the streaming output so that it integrates better with Kafka and Spark